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Adorned in regal Rose Gold and housed in our slimmest design yet, PRINCE Top is Singapore’s first water purifier that does not require a cold water tank, allowing direct-from-the-source water heating plus a host of innovative features for an effortless water pouring experience.


  1. Tankless design that dispenses both hot and cold water
  2. CUCKOO’s slimmest design yet
  3. Rose Gold finishing
  4. Smart Temperature Settings — Room temp, Chilled temp (4 to 7°C), 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, Hot water (80°C)
  5. Half cup / Full cup¹ / Continuous flow²
  6. Voice Navigation (Malay, Mandarin & English)
  7. In & Out Auto Electrolytic Sterilisation

¹ default 1/2 cup is 110cc, default full cup is 150cc
² continuous flow for cold /room temp water is 1.5L & approx 550ml for hot



Filter Steps
Nano Positive Filtration System

Filter & Replacement Period

Sedi Carbon Composite Filter Every 4 Months
Natural Plus Filter Every 4 Months
Nano Positive Filter Every 8 Months

Power Consumption

Cold 100W
Hot 2350W

Dimension | Weight

170mm (W) x 468mm (D) x 408mm (H) | 10.5kg

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Maintenance Package:
Prince Top: $380/ year

* Warranty
* 3 x site visit servicing
* Filter change on every visit

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