Prices shown on this page is for outright PURCHASE.

FAQ regarding the difference between Outright Purchase vs Rental Programme for our Cuckoo Water Dispensers:


For OUTRIGHT Purchase, first year maintenance is free and is covered for 1 year warranty. Thereafter, so long as you purchase maintenance package (also known as NCS – Natural Care Servicing), it covers filter change, servicing and warranty for the year. NCS (Maintenance Package) price is different for each model. For the respective NCS price, please check here at

For RENTAL Programme, there is no need to buy Maintenance package because, it is covered in the rental programme


For OUTRIGHT Purchase, dispenser is under 1 year warranty by default, after which, so long as the NCS Maintenance Package is purchased before lapsed, the dispenser is covered under warranty.


Both RENTAL Programme and OUTRIGHT Purchased water dispensers enjoy the same Maintenance Schedule and Servicing. (For OUTRIGHT Purchased dispensers, NCS must be bought) We pride on our world class servicing standard, every dispenser will be serviced 3 times a year, with 6 to 7 filters changed per year. For more details on the NCS servicing, check out

Interest-free instalment plans are available should you prefer an outright purchase.

Prince Top: $2,499 (full price)
24 months INTEREST-FREE instalment: $104.15/ month

Fusion Top: $1,699 (full price)
24 months INTEREST-FREE instalment: $70.80/ month

King Top: $1899 (full price)
24 months INTEREST-FREE instalment: $79.15/ month