What does tankless water dispenser hold?

We may not understand what the word tankless imply or means when it comes to water dispensers for households in Singapore. But, tankless water dispensers is a trend to stay in Singapore in the arena of water dispenser in the market place. Tankless imply that the water dispenser be small & compact, perfect for Singapore household where real estate is not exactly cheap. We do not really want a big-ass water dispenser occupying the counter top real estate in our tiny but otherwise neat kitchen.

So what is a tankless water dispenser?

So what does it mean, tankless water dispenser? Traditionally, water dispensers comes with hot water tank and cold water tanks inside the machine, so that optimal desired temperature water is stored for instant consumption. No water boiling at kettle, no waiting for water to chill in fridge required as they are already stored in the respective tanks inside the water dispenser. This is still they way to go in water dispensers for offices and commercial (no, we cant use tankless for commercial, its not enough to cater for the capacity). So typically, conventional water dispensers are big. It has to house the filters, the hot water tank, cold water tank, the compressor, heater, etc.

However, technology and cost now allows us to have SMALLER dispensers (typically half the size of a conventional counter top water dispenser). So, our piped-in water dispensers need no manual pouring of water to refill it, is much smaller, looks high tech and cool, and can offer us hot, chilled, room temperature water at any time! It is now a must have appliance in Singapore households. Tankless water dispensers essentially mean instant water dispensers without the storage tanks typically like 1.5L hot water tank, 2L cold water tank and reservoir tank. Merchants all say that have the benefit to reduce likelihood of contamination too.

Picture this kitchen counter

So, picture this. No more unsightly kettles, jugs with boiled-to-cool-to-room temperature water, no more counter top water filters with strange looking spouts on our kitchen table top. No more bottles and bottles of water to standby in the fridge for our chilled water drinking habits.

It is just the sexy, cool-looking, state-of-the-art looking compact water dispenser. Clean. Minimalist.

Check out these great-to-have-fancy-features-turned-neccessities:

so we do not even have to hold our glasses at the nozzle of the dispenser while waiting for our water to be filled up.

Self-sterilising capability
That means it has the built in function to sterilise itself for a clean and healthy water

Voice navigation
Not sure of what your dispenser is doing it can tell you now. “Dispensing half cup hot water”, it has not only to look cool, it has to sound cool right

Varying temperatures
In our sophisticated kitchen, our dispenser have the options for temperatures at 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C, chilled, hot, room temperature for different use such as making formula milk, tea, coffee, infusions & cater to our warm water temperature preferences

Varying volumes
Well, we don’t always need a full cup and we don’t want to hold our cups, so varying volume option seems basic.

Multi-stages multi-technologies all powerful filtration
Thats a basic, we want good drinking water that tastes good and is healthy, so point-of-use filtration is kind of a must.

Ambience lightning
To look cool in the dark

Energy saving & sensors
We don’t need our dispensers on full alert when we sleep right, so theres sensors that senses light or motion and wakes our dispensers up to make a drink for you.

Nozzle (not levers) & good dispensing height
Good dispensing height allows us to fill up our water bottles with ease without having to angle our bottles and drip water all over

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